This resources page is still in progress, but below are some helpful links to get started.

Crypto Sheriff

This tool is useful if your device has been Ransomwared and requires a key / payment to decrypt your files. CryptoSherrif contains a database of known decryption keys for common ransomware.

Virus Total

This tool is helpful in identifying if a File, Domain (website), IP Address or File Hash has been identified as being malicious or if it contains a known virus.


This tool is useful in identifying if your email has been leaked in a data breach. This can be critical in identifying any passwords that need to be changed etc., as well as identifying what data of yours has potentially been leaked to the public.

This tool is used to identify which network ports your server is exposing to the public internet / what information is available to the public about your server. Note: This is a more complex tool, typically requiring the user to understand what network ports are etc.

ACSC Report

This is an online reporting tool where businesses / individuals can report a cybercrime, incident or vulnerability found in a platform.

Scam Watch

This is another online reporting tool for individuals to report scams, identify scams, receive advice if you’ve been scammed, and stay up to date with the latest information around scams / which ways scammers are trying to steal from you.

Norton Power Eraser

This tool is useful in an instance where a computer needs to be eradicated of all viruses and the standard anti-virus software isn’t quite cutting it. Note: This tool is very powerful and will likely find many false positives. This tool is also only available on Windows Operating Systems.